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    Keep your property pretty and your family safe with some local help. Urban Tree Lopping consists of arborists providing reliable tree services in Perth, WA. Our landcare contractors are professionally qualified to perform tree removals, pruning and trimming to ensure that your space is safe, secure and left looking more attractive than ever.

    Tree pruning and trimming is an essential part of keeping your garden attractive and safe – overhanging branches are more exposed to high-winds, potentially leading to dangerous falls. Allowing plants to grow wild can also hurt the image of your home, potentially decreasing your property value. With the market exploding at the moment, you can’t afford not to keep your home looking gorgeous.

    Our Tree Lopping experts are some of the most experienced in the WA arborist industry and have had extensive experience in pruning, trimming, hedging, tree removals, clearings, stump grinding and more. Our Landcare contractors service suburbs all around Perth from Yanchep to Mandurah. Our tree services are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day – so if you find yourself concerned about a big plant that looks unstable at 7pm on Sunday evening, you can call us.

    Contact us at any hour of the day at our Perth office by phone at 0412 556 308 or via email at info@urbantreelopping.com.au. Get a quote fast (and have that dangerous branch or rotten stump removed quickly, affordably and well!).

    Perth’s local, knowledgeable arborist and tree lopping services

    We are proud to offer one of the largest ranges of tree services in the Western Australian arboriculture industry. We ensure that whatever you contact our Landcare Contractors for, whether it’s for tree removals, trimming or pruning, we will use only the highest quality of products and equipment. Our arborist team is well-trained, friendly and professional. We understand these operations can be a hassle, so we offer our tree services at a time that’s convenient to you, and our understanding staff will attempt to minimise their impact on your schedule. At Urban Tree Lopping, our services include:

    General tree pruning and trimming: This practice will alter how a plant grows and forms. During the formative years of a plant, tree trimming and tree pruning is a great way to prevent future problems.

    Slashing: Overgrown grass can quickly get out of hand and become a dangerous fire hazard. Our team of Landcare contractors specialise in managing grass growth and slashing all types of areas.

    Block clearing: Our tree lopping arborists will ensure that your block of land is level and ready to build on.

    Tree removal: For overhanging branches, dangerous or in-the-way growth, sometimes outright removal of the tree is the best option. We specialise in palm tree removals across the Perth region.

    Insurance work: We’re fully insured and have full public liability ($10 million) plus works compensation and full comprehensive vehicle.

    Fire break: A fundamental element of any bushfire survival plan is creating a fire break. Our Landcare Contractors can provide fire break installation, maintenance and construction to protect your property.

    Stump grinding: Rotting stumps attract pests and need to be removed for safety. We can conduct stump grinding quickly and efficiently.

    Mulching: Forestry Mulching is an effective way to clear land while leaving specific vegetation areas. Our Landcare contractors prioritise reducing re-growth and returning vital nutrients to the topsoil.

    With more than half a decade of experience as tree loppers and arborists, we are confident we can provide the tree services you need, how you want it and when, all with minimum fuss. Our skilled technicians have seen it all and are ready to use that experience to your advantage! For more information about tree removal, pruning, and trimming services, please contact us on 0412 556 308.